We believe creative food should be served as
creative content.

Let us introduce you to your next favorite meal.

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Our Mission
is simple

To build a house of innovative premium QSR
brands through technology, real estate,
and digital marketing.

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We exist to democratize the culinary experience.

C3 is the change. From analog to digital. From wasted real estate to tasted glory. From the past of casual dining to the present and future of culinary experiences.

“Brndmkrs videos helped us raise every round of funding from our first seed investment of $1.5M all the way to our IPO.”
- Ayub Khattak, Cue Health CEO

Our process starts with your brand story.  We define your brand architecture, identity and story to distill your narrative through brand development. Then we create your pillar video to share your brand story that serves as a visual guideline for all other content

Brand Foundation

8 weeks
Brand Narrative

It all begins with developing a strong brand architecture. Our process defines that compelling narrative needed to build brand identity.

Brand Identity

A simplified process that creates only the essentials needed to create a brand for business growth. A meaningful name, logo, color palette, brand patterns, & photo/video style guide.  

Brand Video

6 weeks
Animated Video

A short animated video that tells the story of your product or service.

Animated + Live Action Video

A short video combining animation and live action to show your product, team or service in the real world.

Commercial Video

Film and TV production video including talent to build your brand.

Foundation + Video

10 weeks
Startup Fundraising Package

Combing our Foundation process with Video production for the complete startup package. The strategic tools needed to support a successful raise.Branding, Video, & Photos

Commercial Video

Film and TV production video including talent to build your brand.

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